Parental Integration and Support

We know parenting is no easy feat. We all have those not-so-great moments and wonder whether we are doing it right. For those times when you need help with tuning into your child (or selectively tuning out!), we provide an objective ear to listen. We offer specific feedback and advice and brainstorm solutions to help you tap into the parent you want to be.

Our parenting groups provide a safe and supportive environment to freely discuss your child’s development and parenting challenges. You will connect with other parents, increase your awareness of your child’s unique needs, learn strategies for successful parenting, and expand your resources.

Weekly Support Group Topics

Each week, dive into discussion topics curated just for you with the guidance and support from our experienced therapists including topics such as:

  • Idealism, unhappiness, and depression
  • Acquaintances, friends, and peers
  • Siblings and only children
  • Values, traditions, and uniqueness
  • Complexities of successful parenting
  • Characteristics of gifted children
  •  Communication
  • Motivation, enthusiasm, and underachievement
  • Discipline and self-management
  • Intensity, perfectionism and stress

To ensure everyone benefits, space is limited to 10 participants per group so be sure to book your slot today.