Children's Handwriting Services

Does your child hate writing? Does it seem like they were never actually taught how to write? Maybe they seem to get exhausted by the very idea of it. Not only can we help with handwriting, we can help with those other daily fine-motor chores like tying shoes, getting dressed and zipping up backpacks! Your child may chant “Velcro shoes forever! Long live pants with elastic waists!” but you hold different beliefs and values. With your greater life experience and wisdom, your voice from within is telling you that your child will need handwriting and fine motor skills in life. We help develop those skills. In fact, it’s what we do best.

We use Handwriting Without Tears®, a developmentally appropriate, multi-sensory curriculum for writing instruction. Depending on your child’s needs, we may focus on developing proper formation, sizing, and spacing of letters. We also help refine these skills and focus on proper alignment to create legible writing.

Handwriting Services Activities

A few activities to help improve handwriting performance are:

  • Pencil fluency practice (age appropriate patterns designed to enhance fluid pencil movement akin to writing).
  • Letter (and number) formation practice in groups of common formation or starting point.
  • Using a pencil grip, specific shape/size pencil and/or slant board to write with to improve how the pencil is held and moved.
  • Adapted handwriting paper to support appropriate letter size, writing on the line and spacing between letters and words.
  • Pegs: Make an animal face on a paper plate and put pegs around the edges to make fur as a fun way of building finger strength.
  • Play-Doh: Rolling, squishing, pinching and making things with play dough to increase finger strength.

Make sure to book an appointment today to help your child improve their handwriting and succeed in life.